Careers consist of opportunities and dedication. We take care of one thing, the other is your job.

We are spot9.

We are on a mission. We are working on the next generation of banking, we want to shape the future of an increasingly complex financial world, to make it better for all of us: open, transparent, secure and fair.

We want to grow.

There is no such thing as a useless idea or question at spot9. Every thought is important, your spirit defines the team. We believe in our people, we believe in you too.

What you'll get.

You'll get to work in a FinTech startup, with everything that comes with it. You'll work with all of the latest technology. You'll learn a lot and we hope you can teach us a few things too.

Are we looking for you?

Content Creator

Full-time • Berlin

Junior Marketing Manager

Full-time • Berlin

We are always looking for talented people! If there's nothing suitable for you just yet, click here.

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simplify your banking

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