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Legal and secure transactions

With the ATM map, you can find all legal Bitcoin ATMs in Germany. German financial regulations require that the identity of the customer must be verified before a Bitcoin transaction can take place. This provides additional protection for you as a customer.

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Legal and secure transactions

How to use a Bitcoin ATM?


Register & verify your identity with our web app.


Find the nearest Bitcoin ATM.


Choose a cryptocurrency and enter your cell phone number for purchase verification.


Scan the QR code of your public wallet and enter the PIN.


Deposit the desired amount of cash and confirm your transaction.

How to use a Bitcoin ATM
  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Convenient

Buy Bitcoin for cash with ease

At our Crypto ATMs, you can buy bitcoins with cash after a free registration - easy, secure & convenient.

How to securely buy cryptocurrencies

spot9 recommends that you secure your crypto wallet information. All crypto transactions are irreversible, i.e. cannot be undone. Make sure that you know from whom you are buying your cryptocurrencies or to whom you are selling your cryptocurrencies, and only deal with people you trust.

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How to securely buy cryptocurrencies

Crypto prices

Regularly updated prices of some of the major cryptocurrencies by market value. You can find more information about a specific coin by clicking on the corresponding row.

# Name Opening Price
Current Price
Price Graph
1 Bitcoin (BTC) 11,521.72 € 11,630.02 € 0.94 %
2 Ethereum (ETH) 331.57 € 329.01 € -0.77 %
3 Litecoin (LTC) 46.60 € 46.39 € -0.45 %
4 Bitcoin Cash (BTX) 228.00 € 224.50 € -1.54 %
5 Dash (DASH) 57.50 € 60.83 € 5.79 %
6 Monero (XMR) 106.75 € 106.50 € -0.23 %
7 Zcash (ZEC) 48.72 € 50.66 € 3.98 %
8 Dogecoin (DOGE) 0.0022 € 0.0022 € 0.00 %

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See all FAQs

What are Crypto ATMs?

A Crypto ATM is a machine that allows you to purchase a number of different cryptocurrencies physically with cash. The ATM is connected to a stock exchange which executes the order. After choosing the type and amount of cryptocurrency you wish to purchase, you insert your cash and the machine completes the transaction online. Your digital assets are then transferred to a wallet and the machine prints a private and a public key for you to access your assets. To use a Crypto ATM, you will need to register at spot9 and complete our KYC and AML process.

Why should I use a spot9 Crypto ATM to buy cryptocurrencies?

Our Crypto ATMs offer the first fully legal and compliant way to purchase cryptocurrencies from an ATM in Germany. When you use our ATMs, you can be sure that your transaction is in compliance with German financial laws. They also offer one of the fastest and most convenient ways to buy bitcoins with cash. Our service is also completely secure as our customers must go through a KYC and AML registration process before using the ATM.

Where can I find spot9 Crypto ATMs?

You can find the locations of all our ATMs under "Crypto ATMs". There you will find a list of all locations or you can use the ATM map to find a location near you.