Your money. Your time. Your choice.

Your one and only bank. Soon.

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Your money. Your time. Your choice.

Manage all your accounts and finances in a single app. Trade, exchange, spend digital currencies. Get cash back on all card transactions. Benefit from profit sharing through the SP9 Security Token.

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We are working on the tools, services and ideas that will make your daily banking and payments easier, more efficient and safer; including digital currencies. Let's do this together.

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Everything you expect. And so much more: limitless banking.


Full control. Smart tools.

Swipe, click, drag & drop: in the dashboard you will find your spot9 accounts & tools but you can also integrate your accounts from other banks. As well as freely grouping them, showing cumulative balances, making transfers and standing orders. Your money is well organized through automated statistics and your „spots“ sub-accounts. Cash back? Loyalty cards? Loyalty programs? Yes. Yes. And Yes.

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Digital currencies. Of course.

Your wallet is fully integrated: crypto currencies are available directly in your account. In the spot9 app you can trade, send & receive and of course spend. Additionally, you buy and sell coins out there in real life at the spot9 Crypto ATMs, the first of its kind in Germany. Boom.

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Check, please. Where and however you want.

If people want your money, you can pay online and offline via the spot9 debit card or contactless feature. With the spot9 "Cash Flash" (direct pay function) you can easily and directly send and receive money. With the "Split It" feature we automatically and correctly share bills with your friends. Sharing is caring.

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Security Token Offering

When we say your bank, we mean your bank: participate in profit sharing with the SP9 Token.

We have ambitious goals and would like you to join our journey. With the SP9 Security Token you can enjoy spot9 profits in the most direct, efficient and fair manner. Starting at a 50 EUR investment, the token is legally a fungible security and provides a profit participation entitlement; calculated before taxes. You're welcome.

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SP9 Details

STO Volume
Maximum 500.000.000 SP9
SP9 Price
0,10 EUR / Token*
Accepted payments
Sofort Direct Transfer (Klarna), Debit Card, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
STO Start
* Investors with citizenship and/or residency in a country on a restricted or sanctions list will not be able to invest in the spot9 Security Token Offering (STO).
More infos

Dieses Angebot von 415.000.000 tokenisierten spot9-Genussrechten richtet sich ausschließlich an Personen, die dem Recht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland unterstehen, oder die dem Recht eines anderen Mitgliedstaates der Europäischen Union oder des Europäischen Wirtschaftsraums unterstehen, sofern in dem jeweiligen Mitgliedstaat bezüglich des vorliegenden Prospekts ein entsprechendes Notifizierungsverfahren durchgeführt wurde und ein öffentliches Angebot der mit dem vorliegenden Prospekt angebotenen Wertpapieren entsprechend zulässig ist. Dieses Angebot richtet sich ferner an Personen, die dem Recht eines anderen Staates unterstehen, in dem dieses Angebot entsprechend den dort geltenden rechtlichen Regularien zulässig ist.

Dieser Prospekt darf weder mittelbar noch unmittelbar in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, Kanada, Australien, China oder Japan verteilt oder dorthin übermittelt werden.

Die in dem Prospekt genannten tokenisierten spot9-Genussrechte sind und wurden weder gemäß dem US-Wertpapiergesetz (US Securities Act) von 1933 in der jeweils gültigen Fassung noch bei der Wertpapieraufsichtsbehörde eines Bundesstaates der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika registriert und dürfen – vorbehaltlich bestimmter Ausnahmen – in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika weder direkt noch indirekt angeboten, verkauft, verschenkt, vererbt oder dorthin geliefert werden. Es erfolgt im Übrigen kein Angebot in Kanada, Australien, China und Japan.

Das Angebot von tokenisierten spot9-Genussrechten gilt nicht für Investoren, auf die US-amerikanisches oder kanadisches Steuerrecht Anwendung findet. Personen, die in den Besitz eines Prospekts gelangen, müssen die in dem jeweiligen Land geltenden Bestimmungen für die Verbreitung des Prospekts beachten.

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83 %
10 %
7 %

Token Distributions

  • Token Buyers

    83 % of SP9, the majority is offered to the public.

  • Employees and consultants

    10 % of SP9, goes to the spot9 team, investors, advisors and partners.

  • Reserve spot9 GmbH

    7 % of SP9, held in reserve.

What is an STO?
What is SP9?
How can I buy a SP9?
Why is SP9 interesting for me?
Which blockchain is SP9 built on?

What is an STO?

A Security Token Offering (STO), is a Digital Asset which is backed by real value. It enables investors to own a digital asset. The STO contains an SP9 digital certificate, which legally binds the Security Token to real value. Exchanging ownership of Security Tokens is like exchanging Digital Currencies, it all happens on a blockchain.

STOs, unlike Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) or Utility Tokens, are regulated under a country’s security laws and regulations. The issuer of an STO must submit a "Security Prospectus" to the local regulators for approval – which provides investor protections and recourse options.

What is SP9?

How can I buy a SP9?

Why is SP9 interesting for me?

Which blockchain is SP9 built on?


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Stage 1

Dec 2019

  • Start of Mobile App Development Process
  • Closing of Equity Seed Round
  • Finalizing of contracts with software development houses
  • Start of "Discovery Phase"

Stage 2

Jan - May 2020

  • Launch of our MVP Banking Mobile App
  • Ramp up Hiring
  • Kick-off Marketing Campaigns
  • Launch of GeNext
  • Launch of CryptoATM

Stage 3

May - Aug 2020

  • Go-to-Market
  • Launch of Phase 1 of our Banking App
  • Start of Customer Care Process
  • Extending customer service

Stage 4

Oct - Dec 2020

  • Integration of partner apps such as Apple Pay, KeyBox, Zasta, CryptoTax, Wundertax

Stage 5


  • Get scalable
  • Apply for banking license
  • Implementation of product marketplace and risk & fraud system
  • Go-to-Market with spot9 B2B white-label solution

Let's talk about money.
About happiness. About you.

Money doesn't make you happy, they say. But why not? Certainly not as an end in itself, but the idea, the concept is great. A system, a tool that enables the fair exchange of things, of services, of experiences.

So simple, so good.

When we think of money, we don't think of dead presidents and old houses, printed on colorful paper, not of cryptos and digital currencies; we think of you and what you want to do with it. And that it will hopefully make you a little bit happier.

It's with this attitude in mind that we forsee and continually contemplate the future of an increasingly complex financial world; and your place within that system. With this in mind, we develop the tools and services that make the daily handling of your finances as it should be: simple and good. Open, transparent, secure and fair.

As easy as possible in your hand, as complex as necessary in the background, in everything that happens after your swipe. Consistently developed from the customer's point of view. Through the use of innovative technology and IT competence, through a large network of partners and last but not least through our passion to simplify your banking.

Our Vision: Money as a Service.

It is supposed to be freedom. For your loved ones, for you, for your life. Your money should not lie in bank accounts to enrich bankers. It should work for you and still be available anywhere, anytime, on any device. Sometimes it’s only 1 Euro for an ice cream, sometimes more for something bigger. Whatever tool you need to enjoy this freedom, we will deliver it to you. For the time being it is your One and Only bank, but we are already working on the next chapter of our future together.

About Us: Meet the Team
spot9 team photo

Our Advisors

torsten scheuermann
Torsten Scheuermann

Head of the Advisory Board

Torsten holds an MBA in International Business Management and has 28 years of experience in the IT industry as a managing director of international technology companies. He is an entrepreneur, private investor and startup consultant on strategy and capital raising. Torsten successfully sold his latest company to a Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley.

dominic briggs
Dominic Briggs

Blockchain & Digital Assets

Dominic holds an M.Sc. in management and is currently General Partner of Blockwall Management GmbH - the first BaFin-registered Blockchain Venture Capital Fund in Germany. Before joining Blockwall, he was a consultant at Barkawi Management Consultants with a focus on Operations Excellence and Corporate Strategy. Dominic advises spot9 on financing and due diligence issues as well as blockchain-related issues.

heinz-otto minkwitz
Heinz-Otto Minkwitz

Tax & Regulatory

Heinz-Otto was Office Managing Partner and subsequently Partner of the Service Line Corporate Restructurings and remained so after the merger with Ernst & Young. After leaving EY in 2004, he took over WuSC GmbH and focused on private investors in the real estate sector. Heinz-Otto advises spot9 on regulatory and tax issues.

dr. jochen biedermann
Dr. Jochen Biedermann

FinTech & Blockchain

Jochen is a Doctor of Mathematics and Managing Director of the World Alliance of International Financial Centers and the founder of Blockchain Asia Ltd. He is an expert in the field of FinTech & Blockchain startups and their expansion into international markets. Jochen advises spot9 strategically, in particular on expansion.

robert joost
Robert Joost

Strategy & Investor

Robert studied trade economics. As a strategist and long-standing executive, he has extensive experience in building new markets for international companies, both in Western Europe and in the emerging markets. Robert has international experience with a number of leading brands in the FMCG, Luxury and Information/Telecom/Technology sectors.

philipp pieper
Philipp Pieper

Digital Securities & Tech Entrepreneur

Philipp studied industrial engineering at the TU Berlin and the University of California, Berkeley. After some time in the financial industry, among others at Deutsche Bank and Allianz, he was active in Silicon Valley for the past 10 years. Philipp is the founder of various software companies in the digital media and blockchain sector, including SWARM, Proximic and Loop Media.

alain falys
Alain Falys

Entrepreneur & Investor

Alain is co-founder & CEO of, the blockchain-powered decentralised data security solution and previously founder & CEO of Yoyo Wallet, the mobile payment and loyalty platform. He is also Partner at technology seed fund, member of the RBS Technology Advisory Board and director at FinTech company Alain started his career at Visa International before creating the first global e-invoicing platform.

martin krömer
Martin Krömer

IT Entrepreneur & Cloud

Martin has great expertise in information technology and e-commerce. He is a specialist in cloud computing and customer experience. Martin has been responsible for several digital companies across Europe and supports the development of the spot9 infrastructure with his experience.

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